We are a group of enthusiastic model builders from throughout Styria and southern Burgenland with interest in the various themes/categories of modeling ( aircraft, civilian vehicles, figures, military, sciene fiction, ships and paper and cardboard models) and we are part of the Austrian model club IPMS AUSTRIA. In addition to our club meetings (every first Friday of the monthin Modelmakershop in 8521 Wettmannstätten 85 www.modelmakershop.com) and our modeling day (every second Saturday of the month in Modelmakershop in 8521 Wettmannstätten) we visit together model exhibitions and fairs of other model clubs and associations and museums in Austria and foreign countries (see "our activities”) to which can interested model colleagues come with us. Now we have decided our, as well as of friendly clubs and other model colleagues built, models present to a wide audience in the first Steirischen Modellbautagen and introduce and invite to you quite cordially.